TIME’S UP is in the can and awaiting rejection from seventeen film festivals and counting. I can’t put it online until those notification dates have passed which won’t be until August, so what’s next for Untamed Aggression Productions?

Well, I’ll tell you:

HEADS-A-POPPIN’! – A retail worker’s constant dealings with the idiot public unleashes a devastating psychic power to fucking detonate people’s skulls. Semi-autobiographical.
STUPERNATURAL 2: ELECTRIC BOO-GALOO: A group of gals heading out to an old cabin in the woods for a fun-packed hen weekend instead find a gaggle of ghosts, ghouls, YouTubers and a deranged cult hellbent on destroying the world.

And that’s not all!

GHOSTBUSTERS: INFESTATION – Original soundtrack : Hey, they’re making a new GHOSTBUSTERS movie this year! STUPERNATURAL 2 has been in the pipeline for a while, but this exciting development has inspired me to knuckle down and actually get some more entries in this series done, following on from my relatively well-received WHO KILLED LAURA PARR? soundtrack.

So, that’s the plan. I plan a lot of things that don’t pan out (like having a film career) but if I put it in writing, maybe we’ll see some movement.

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