Well, it’s T-minus-eight days and counting till we enter principal photography on our lastest opus, HEADS-A-POPPIN’! Here’s the low down…


Ellie is a young woman at her wits’ end. Unlucky in love and undervalued at work, her frustrations with life lead her to discover her uncanny talent for exploding skulls. Initially happening during outbursts of anger, soon her abilities began to spiral out of control and the heads begin a-poppin’ left and right.


  • Grace Blackman as Ellie, our protagonist who doesn’t just speak her mind, she explodes others
  • Lilly Driscoll as Natasha, Ellie’s co-worker and best friend. The current situation proves a strain on their relationship
  • Robert Lowe as Jordan, Ellie’s hate-interest. Seriously, what’s his problem?
  • David Seymour as Mitchell, American real estate developer and stereotype
  • Amy Barnes as Dr. Bergian, a GP who discovers that her medical training did not cover cranial detonation
  • Hugo Gray as Loogy, a ne’er do-well who hangs around the local bus stop
  • Paul Austen as Tim, Ellie and Natasha’s incompetent boss who has succeeded in spite of his many, many flaws as a manager and a human being


  • Special make-up FX by Jayne Hyman (CANNIBALS AND CARPET FITTERS, DEVIL’S TOWER)
  • Cinematography by Ollie Jones (SUPERZEROES, THE PRODIGY: NASTY)
  • Produced by Matthew Jay France (DEAD LEAF ECHOES, BRONZED)
  • Written and directed by James Raynor (TWATTING ZOMBIES, BEYOND THE DECKCHAIRS)

We start shooting in London on November 5th, 2019, for five days. Follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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